Upcoming Festivals in Nigeria you do not want to Miss.

Nigerians love to live and be happy, and this spirit is reflected in their festivals, which are scattered throughout the year. If there is any opportunity for you to experience the true spirit of Nigeria, it is during these festivals.  One of the things which I greatly recommend before going to any of the festivals is dressing up. I have found so many gems on AfricaLinked.com for these types of parties and I highly encourage you to check this site out.

Anyways back to the upcoming festivals in Nigeria;

  1. The Calabar Carnival:

This festival which is more of a street party is held in the old city of Calabar, during the Yuletide season. Called the biggest street party in Africa, the Calabar Carnival sees tourists from all over the world assemble in Calabar, for days of dance, costume parade and beautiful performances, which is a perfect blend of the cultural heritage and modern lifestyle of the people of Cross River state, Nigeria.

  1. Osun Festival:

The Osun festival usually holds in the months of July and August, every year. It takes place in the sacred forest of Osun state, Nigeria, and features one week of worship and honour of the river goddess, Oshun. It is the time when people leave the hustle and bustle of the cities, to converge at the sacred forest, because they believe that they will get the solutions to their problems at the festival.


  1. Sango Festival:

This is another festival in honour of a deity, Sango, the thunder wielding god. It usually takes place in August and sees the Yoruba people, home and abroad, gather at the palace of the Alaafin of Oyo, in Oyo state, Nigeria. It has become a sort of a pilgrimage for Yoruba people in the Diaspora, and is also celebrated in over forty countries of the world.


  1. Argungu Festival:

Celebrated as a four-day festival in Argungu of Kebbi state, Nigeria, the Argungu festival is to celebrate fishing, which is the predominant occupation in Argungu. On the final day of the festival, a competition takes place, which see men compete to catch the largest fish. It is definitely an opportunity to have fun and learn about the way of life of the fishing people of Argungu. The date of the festival is always fixed by the Emir of Kabi. It has been announced that this year’s Argungu festival will hold in March, 2018.

  1. Leboku Festival:

The Leboku festival is celebrated by the people of Ugep in Cross-river state, Nigeria. It is in celebration of the ‘New Yam’ and is a three-week affair from mid August to mid September, every year. It features the women’s festival, the men’s festival, a beauty pageantry which sees the emergence of Miss Leboku and a masquerade display. The festival is often ushered away, with merriment, as old, young and well wishers are entertained with fresh palm wine and porridge made with the new yam. It is similar to the Iriji-Mmanwu festival celebrated in Enugu state, Nigeria.

With these festivals, a visitor is sure to have fun, while imbibing the culture and traditions of the great people of Nigeria.

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